Incluyeme:- The success story of Incluyeme


Do you know why the disabled word is being replaced with the word “ differently-abled”, the reason is quite simple may be in the eyes of perfect people they are imperfect or disabled but they do have some extra capacity that will help them to lead with perfect people. As we know there are many organizations that are not accepting disabled people at their organization as they think they can handle the work pressure and they need assistant with them. But “Incluyeme” is a start-up company that bridges the gap between differently-abled people and different organizations. They are working as social helpers and connecting jobs that are suitable for the differently-abled candidate.  In this way both of them will get the benefit, the candidate who is disabled will feel independent and the companies who need a decent candidate will get them too. It creates a win-win situation from the sides.  

It has also raised more than $160k from UDD ventures and other multiple investors. So with this fund, they can also expand their work to some area and country. it is a very new concept that has been brought by Incluyeme and this step will make society a place where both perfect and differently-abled can live their life happily.

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