Kobiton:- The success story of Kobiton


Do you also uninstall some apps after a few days of use? this is common that we all do after some time of use we lose our interest and uninstall the installed application. Due to this reason most of app developer faces criticize and they unable to build scalable businesses for a long time.

So this is the reason why Kobiton came in light, to sort out the problem for app developers and help them to build scalable businesses. Kobiton is a start-up company that engaged in the service by offering SQA for mobile apps. It is a type of platform that test apps on 360plus devices. It allows companies or industries to manage the devices and access real public cloud devices for best and comprehensive test coverage.  This device is easy to use and you can access it from anywhere. It is highly flexible, as it increases productivity and minimizes the cost of operation.

It has also acquired the fund of around $3million from Kinetic ventures and other multiple investors. With the help of this device, the app developer has control over the mobile that includes cameras, GPS, contacts, and even multi-touch. It also has a very impressive feature that you will also get reports and automatic activity logs information that can be accessed anytime.

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