N.thing:- The success story of N.thing


N.thing is a very special start-up company that is actually bridging a gap between farmers and consumers.  Both farmers and consumers have disconnection, so it is very important to build the bond of trust between both of them. Disconnection is mostly between big consumers like hotels & restaurants. N.thing is actually providing a platform where farmers and consumers can connect with each other and eliminate the connection of intermediaries so that consumers and farmers both get profit.

As we all know basically intermediaries eat up more profit and they just leave a small share for the farmers. And because of this farmers are demising, so N.thing has taken a big step that will not only benefit the farmers but eventually, consumers will also get the items at a reasonable rate. It has also received a fund of $2.3 from the Korea Development Bank and other investors. With the help of this start-up, consumers will get a prompt supply of products at a reasonable price.

This start-up has become one of the best Start-Ups companies in South Korea, due to its best technique and innovative ideas.


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