Park and Diamond:- The success story of Park and Diamond


Are you a cycle rider? If yes then this article is actually for you, riding a cycle is good for our body and even better for our mental health. But it also requires protection or safety accessories that protect the rider. But when it comes to safety accessories, the first thing that comes in our mind is that it is heavy and not comfortable as well. But Park and Diamond have manufactured the best cycle helmet that looks like a basketball cap but as hard as diamond. It not only gives you protection but it also gives you a stylish look and after wearing that helmet you can’t restrain yourself from wearing it. This helmet is super cool as well as very compact, you can easily fold this and keep it in your pant pocket.

Park and diamond company that focuses on developing protection gear that does not only give protection but give stylish look at the same time. It has also raised more than $ 2.2 million from crowdfunding. They are also working and improving the helmets and planning to enter different markets. Most interestingly the helmets are battle-tested and rugged so you can go with this helmet and enjoy every ride.

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