Tallyfy:- The success story of Tallyfy


Tallyfy is a type of software that makes your daily tasks and other approvals into automated and makes your processing even faster. All companies and enterprises have processes and but most of them won’t be able to follow it properly. As there are thousands of documents for each process but among that most of it is not followed in the true spirit. So Tallyfy is a start-up company that offer s such software that will make your processing faster and automated. As most of the enterprises are unable to follow processes so Tallyfy comes in practice and the primary motive of Tallyfy is to make processes simple and quick. So every company can follow this quickly and effectively.

This start-up has received a fund for around $1.7million from multiple investors in a very short period of time. So Tallyfy is a platform where you can make your processes easy and quick. Tallyfy is a very useful software that actually eliminates chaos from business processes. It is so quick and easy to use so you can also make time for your other task too.


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