TrackerHero:- The success story of TrackerHero


TrackerHero is a smart solution for all those industries who manage the workforce, but as the managing workforce is quite a difficult job as most of the worker works in a remote area or at a place that is far away from the industries. So with TrackerHero is a Start-up Company that gives complete management for industries who deals in the workforce & security industries. It has several impressive features that make it one of the best software for handling security and workforce. And with the help of TrackerHero, you can easily deal with your remote project and other management issues right from your desk.

It is an innovative technology that is located in Malaysia, Cyberjaya. This is a smart solution for workforce & security industries that is actually combined with the unique loT handheld device and award-winning cloud-based system. It simplifies the management of the workforce by offering stronger, better workforce and security management. If you also find it difficult to manage your security and workforce then you can take the help of TrackerHero. It will not only make your work simpler but it will also manage your workforce and security in an efficient way. It has also received more than RM 500k from multiple investors.

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