Tributi:- now return filling is just a few steps away.


The most duty that we should not ignore is paying taxes. Most of us pay tax on time but we forget to file them. Have you also forgotten to file your tax returns?  And the reason behind for not filing a tax return is that it consumes a lot of time. So for filling tax return, we need to go through with this time consuming and clumsy process. But now with a simple solution, you can not only pay your income tax but you can even file income tax return effortlessly. “Tributi” is a start-up company that focuses on this issue, now filing of income tax return becomes automatic, and it is just a few clicks away. Now you can anytime file your return without involving much time on it.

Right now it is actively working in Colombia and also it is expanding its business in some other countries too. Most interestingly it has also received funds from different companies and has raised more than & 120k from the biggest investor that is ‘YCombinator’.  So if you also find it difficult to file your income tax return you can simply choose “Tributi” and trust them for your return filing work.

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