Vedantu:- The smart way of learning.

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We all have heard that “education is the key to success”, and an educated person gets more respect. Education is the most important thing in our lives, but taking a good education is not possible for everyone. High fees, expensive courses, and tuition fees create trouble in studies. As we can see the charges for schooling has also increased a lot, and it is creating an issue for the lower and middle-class family.  But now there is good news for students who want to ladder up to their careers. “Omidyar Network” is a start-up company that gives services where a student from pre-nursery till class 12th gets an excellent education at a nominal charge. They even offer experienced teachers who teach students with due care and perfection. The teachers teach online and give a complete overview of every chapter.

In this startup, students have to take online classes and after completing each semester they have to collect the notes or related papers. It is a type of virtual school and most interestingly this virtual school is very famous in India. The students really like the new learning things and the opportunity to enhance their knowledge from “Vedantu”.

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