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If you are a student and at the same time you want a decent job that can fund your student life and studies, then you are on the correct page. Zenjob is a start-up company that engaged in providing jobs to those students who are in need of job and create a link between job seekers and job providers. Thousands of companies want fresh talents and to fill their temporary staffing needs. And most students also want jobs where they can work and get good pay and raise their experience. Zenjob founder Fritz Trott understands this problem and brings an idea into reality and the result is “Zenjob”.

 It is a start-up company that brings both job seekers and job providers together. There are thousands of students who want to fund their studies and to pay their expenses.  But sometimes due to a lack of information they don’t get a decent job. But now with Zenjob, any student will get a job through an app that you can download from an app store, or play store and get a good job with better payout. So if you are a student you can also use Zenjob and fund your studies.


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