Zume Pizza:- The success story of Zume Pizza


Are you a pizza lover? If yes then this article will give you mouth-watering feeling when you come to know that now robots will prepare and deliver your favorite pizza. As technology is become so advance and currently pizzas are prepared and delivered by a human. But “Zume Pizza” is adding some crispy effect to your favorite stuff. They are working in a robot that has automated ovens, that cook pizza, cut it and deliver it to the customers.

Is in it the most amazing this that you heard about your favorite item? Being a pizza lover I literally amazed when I heard about this start-up company. The robots also have a cooking technology that cooks the most delicious pizza in a short period of time. Currently, it has received more than $423 million and it has developed its products day by day.

Most of the pizza hubs started using this wonderful machine, that enhances the people’s rush, to try pizzas that are prepared and delivered by robots itself. Softbank Vision Fund also invested a huge amount in Zume Pizza start-up and in very less time it becomes one of the best start-up companies that bring innovation to the world.


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