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Prime is a simple photography tool and easy to use. Priime offers the most effective and fantastic editing tools for photographers. The platform is designed by Arthur Chang, Andrew Ng, and Joe Petro. The office is based in San Francisco, CA. The prime products are offered for

  • iPhone
  • IPad
  • Mac OS
  • Lightroom

Instead of using various filters, the Priime platform will help to make the portraits, landscapes, and other photos with some useful recommendations. These are based on colors, exposure, and subject, etc. There are more than 100 styles created in association with expert photographers.

Moreover, there are about 13 presets created, ranging from different looks from warm to cool, clean to fade, etc. Every watch has various variations. The option of a preview is also given. So, you can view the picture with all the different looks given and then choose the best one.

Any of your questions or feedback can be sent by email via, or you can sign in to the Priime online account through the webpage All the details are explained on the website The list of cameras is also listed on the website for RAW images such as Canon EOS- 1D, Nikon- D50, etc.

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