Know More about TripleLift – A new age of advertisement platform


Founded in 2012, TripleLift provides a system as well as an artificial intelligence platform that ensures brands to maximize their advertisement reach through in-feed native ads.

TripleLift was started by Eric Berry, who is also CEO of the company with headquarters is located in New York. More than 500 employees back the company.

With the use of modern technologies, it creates advertising technology used for creating the next generation of content. The firm helps many companies to reach out to thousands of millions of consumers across any device, through various channels of marketing.

For more in-depth knowledge, please visit The company can be contacted through email and also on phone number 502-354-3801.

TripleLift named one the best place to work in New York. Share through, Jun Group, Giant Media, Polar Mobile, StackAdapt, and PowerLinks are the main competitors of TripleLift.

TripleLift works on the philosophy to build that technology for advertisements that impact and empower rather than creating interruption. As a result, it can create an ad that blends in with its consumer content within television, wall garden, and on the open-world web. It helps the market agency to reach millions of consumers across any device by flawlessly changes content like images and video into an attractive advertisement.

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