Know more about ClearTax – A Leading Player In E-Filling and Investment Company


ClearTax founded in 2011 by three friends named Archit Gupta, Srivatsan Chari, and Ankit Solanki from Bangalore.

At present more than 2 million customers use the services. Thus the company holds a reputed platform of filling online tax within India. The company closely worked with top-notch chartered accountants and other financial experts to make tax and other commercial activities easy for its users. For general queries, the consumer can contact them on

Such kind of dramatic popularity is not possible with the strong backed team. It was estimated that ClearTax has more than 20,000 experts working on its platform. For more detailed information on various aspects and services provided by this firm, a consumer can log on to

Working along with speed, the company introduces the services of GST on their website in 2017, which not only help many typical consumers but also helped experts to deal with the solution of various GST rules and laws. With the most significant cloud platform for GST, the system was adopted by more than 80,000 firms along with this 8% use the resources for filling GST returns.

To earn more in goodwill, the company introduces mutual fund investing platform in 2018, to encourage more young crowds for investment and thus help them in saving more from tax.

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