Know More about Lully – Protecting your child from night terror dreams


There is no doubt that artificial intelligence plays a role in human life; the perfect example is a device called Lullysleep.

Lully was founded by two co-founders named Andy Rink and Varun Boriah in 2014. Lully is a beautiful product that monitors the sleep graph of children, thus focuses on improving children’s sleep. After spending countless time over the years in research, to understand how much important sleep is for children to make them healthy and happy.

For more details, you can log on to the web page There is also support available for any queries on email and over the telephone (888) 710-0899

There are two types of products called Sleep Guardian 2 and Sleep Guardian. They are available in the market and controlled by a smart software application run only on Apple IOS. Both the devices are having different features depending upon the cost and requirements.

So, in short, Lullysleep develops the smart hardware along with intelligent software applications that helps the child improve sleep for all ages. The company office is located in San Francisco, with an estimated employee strength is around 20. Through its better track records, the firm already raised the funding of $2.1M.

The main competitors of Lullysleep in the current market are Owlet, Snuza, Sproutling, Mimobaby, and Kinsa.

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