Success Story of StockWits

Stockwits is the largest social network for traders and investors, with around two million registered community members and millions of monthly visitors. Stockwits came into existence in the year 2008, with a mission to connect regular investors and traders so they can profit, learn, and have fun.

While stockwits began as a simple app built on the platform of Twitter, the first to organize the conversation around tickers using the hashtag, it has since grown into its standalone social network of investors, traders, media, public companies, and investment professionals. As the defining voice of “social finance,” Stockwits is the perfect way to find out what is happening right now in the markets and stocks you care about and is reimagining financial media for the next generation of investors.

Stockwits is a team of about 20 people, situated in NYC. They come from diverse interests and backgrounds, but they share universal respect for one another and their community. They are passionate about their work and believe together, and they can make investing more approachable, successful, and enjoyable.

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