The success story of Airdog


Do you also like to get recorded while doing adventures? But taking up a camera in hands and shooting is one of the most irritating and stressful jobs. Because of those cameras, you aren’t able to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. But now with Airdog, this problem is being sorted. Airdog is a start-up company that offers an ADII that will follow you where ever you go without exception. It is the most intelligent, flying camera that supports you in action, anywhere. Whether you were riding a bicycle or going on an adventure trip, it will follow you and capture every moment of your life.

ADII has a built-in LiDAR that prevents a ground crash in varying ground. It also has proprietary algorithms that utilize date from the barometric air pressure sensor. It has accelerometers and GPS that allows accurate response to extreme altitude changes. It has certain features that make it a perfect choice for video and picture shooters. It has motion GPS tracking, and it is controlled with AirLeash that makes it even more desirable and an ideal choice. With its backlit LCD, it allows the user to read the display screen clearly in a broad range of lighting conditions.

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