The success story of Conversion Logic


Conversion logic is a platform that is designed for brand leads, media practitioners, CMOs who need to make accurate and timely decisions that help them to manage their multi-channel media. It is a platform that offers the most precise and precise cross-channel measurement, attribution, and optimization dashboards. With the help of its highly accurate predictive models, they easily capture human behavior, its journey, and the most influenced marketing result. Its identify solution creates a single view for both consumer and household across all ID’S.

Most interestingly, with the help of conversion logic, the users achieve an increment of 30%-40% on average that makes it more desirable for the customers. With its marketing mix modeling, the users can check the actual contribution of media to their business houses. And the users can also find out whether other customers are trusting the product or not. Conversion logic has several models that include digital multi-touch attribution (MTA), Tv multi-touch attribution (MTA), data unification, unified marketing measurement, etc. These models help the business to grow well and give the best outcomes to the entrepreneurs.

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