The success story of Unshackled ventures


The unshackled venture is a Start-Up company that offers the “friend and family” capital to the immigrant (persons who permanently settle in a foreign country). They also sponsor visas, a community of resources and full immigration support to the immigrants that help them to settle down in a new place.

They remove the barrier and help eligible immigrant entrepreneurs to succeed even faster. Most of the time, we see that immigrant doesn’t get a loan, and support in new countries and creates an obstacle for immigrant’s entrepreneurs. Due to this reason unshackled venture comes in light, that not only helps in removing barrier on the way of immigrants entrepreneurs but also sponsor visas and full immigration support that will help them to be a successful entrepreneur in the new country. It the first venture capital fund for immigrant founders that provides backing support to the immigrant entrepreneur.

They not only offer financial support to the immigrants but also sponsor their visas and green cards that will help them to spend 100% of their time on building companies and accomplish their objective. Their fund is also backed by some of the well-known investors that include Emerson collective, Bloomberg beta, etc.

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