Bank Nifty Trend Today Technical Analysis for 29-11-2019 16:00:04


In 1 hour chart Bank Nifty price continues to trade at 31990 and above the (Exponential Moving Average)EMA200 value of 30698.5 and keeps its stability above until now, while 1 hour MACD Of 12,26,9 is in Sell mode. Therefore, we will keep our Buy overview conditioned by the price stability above

However, if Bank Nifty continues to trade above level, that could be an extraordinarily Bullish sign for Bank Nifty

Even so, the 200-candle Exponential moving average (EMA) price range of 30698.5 is proving a tough nut to crack.

Pivot (invalidation): 32051.7

Our preference: Long positions above 32213.1

Alternative scenario: Below 31961 look for further downside.

Support Resistance Levels For Bank Nifty Today at 29-11-2019 16:00:04

Pivot: 32051.7

Resistance 1: 32213.1

Resistance 2: 32303.8

Resistance 3: 32465.2

Support 1: 31961

Support 2: 31799.6

Support 3: 31708.9

Yesterday High Low Close For Bank Nifty

Yesterday High: 32142.3

Yesterday Low: 31890.2

Yesterday Close: 32122.5

Today at 29-11-2019 16:00:04 Bank Nifty trading at 31990 with high of 32113.8 and low of 31821

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