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Customers play a very significant role in every business unit. If an entrepreneur can able to know the demand and needs of customers, they can easily survive in the competitive market. So knowing customer needs and order is a must, and sometime when we try to acquire knowledge about customers’ demand, we may not get the most accurate result. But is a place or start-up that helps you to know about your customers and to win their hearts by offering the perfect products for them. gives you the best result and most accurate information about a person in one place.

It gives you the most relevant information like which page that looked at, most searched products, their subscription and order list, etc. these thing help entrepreneur to know more about their customers, and with the help of, they can confidently send personalized messages that are based on their search and order. So it is a platform that offers you multiple ways to get real-time business data from your product. helps to keep your customers or users up-to-date and boost all of your automated messaging. Their restful API allows you to create, update, and delete people, and also, you can send events from your application.

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