The success story of Sightly


YouTube has become one of the most popular apps that most of the use and show their talent to the local public. If you also use YouTube, you have also seen an ad that plays before the video that you willing to play. The engagement of the society on YouTube is more, so most of the businesses deliver their advertisements on YouTube videos. “Slightly” is a start-up company that provides video ads to the most approachable viewers on the most profitable, trustworthy, and desirable video destinations. The main motive of slightly is to offer the knowledge, transparency, and expertise that are required to exceed your performance goal. Somewhat is the premier Google partner, and this is the reason this enables your ads to the most approachable viewers.

They function very nicely, they leverage Google’s first-party profile, location, search, most engaged page, and then it creates the most desirable custom segments, and then they locate or deliver the particular ads. Most interestingly, it accepts all YouTube third-party validation partners that include integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and Moat. The partnership with the third party allows for an additional layer of transparency and monitoring. So slightly offers an amount of safety and openness to the people who deliver ads on YouTube videos.

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