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In an unpredictable lifestyle, the requirement of home security systems has increased alarmingly. To capitalize on this filed, in 2013, Brett Jurgens and Ryan Margoles start-up the company called “Notion.” The company provides a complete smart security system that helps house owners to increase the safety of their houses. This, in turn, reduces the risk of loss of property or money.

The idea behind the introduction of “Notion” is to provide powered packed all in one smart sensors and applications that control the whole house. The web page explains all the vital information. The workplace of the company is located in Denver, US. is a complete home responsive program that will reorganize everything, which makes everyday life safer, smarter, and better. With the assist of its intelligent software that is dynamically related to various sensors inside the home, it signals the user immediately if something goes incorrect.

These all features are controlled in a real-time environment, which means the presence in that place is not matters. Notion along with the sensors and smart application can be used in various areas to monitor multiple activities indoor, garages, windows, mailboxes and liquor cabinets, water leaks, or any changes in the current temperature.

Its anticipated overall sales are approx $6.3M. The firm has more than 12 main competitors such as SNUPI Technologies, Canary, and iSmart Alarm.

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