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Vayu was started in 2014, and the office is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It aims to deliver essential supplies anywhere across the world and at any time. There are some problematic terrains or disaster areas, where the supply chain might take time or difficulty in delivering. Generally, healthcare providers depend on slow and unreliable transport by cars, trucks, etc. to serve the desired areas.

Here what- the UAVs (aerial vehicles) come into place by Vayu for cargo transportation. This will be the fastest and reliable delivery of essential items to isolated areas. The maximum take-off weight of X5 is around 23 kg, and speed is about 23m/s

Daniel Pepper was the man behind the firm. services will surely help in reducing the healthcare supply and demand gap in countryside areas of developing nations.

All the navigation process is fully automatic. The users are just required to select the destination through the app and then launch the vehicle. You can also send back the car to the next destination with a simple button click. The vehicle is straightforward to handle and can be tracked anywhere. You can ask any of your questions using an online form through the web page

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