Know More about Complex Polygon – Making complex equations to the easiest one


Complex Polygon, a production studio, engaged in developing the mobile application allowing people to bring together. Addison Hardy and Marwan Roushdy started it in 2013. The company workplace is located in San Francisco, C.A

With more and more technology advances, a lot of people are joining the internet. As a result of this, the internet becomes a vital part of everyday life. It allows the user to use technologies in a way to enables the real human connection.

The enterprise starts experimenting with the brand new products while re-using its technology to extend the information of human moves, resulting in faster and craft better revel in for its users. Complex Polygon is backed by more than ten numbers of employee strength.

Till now the company has risen to fund more than $1.7m and also the firm is the subsidiary of UBER. makes use of four utterly unique era services and products that include Google Analytics, WordPress, and Apache webserver — and also using unique types of technologies for its internet site, including viewport Meta, iPhone or cellular like-minded, and Google font API. These advanced technologies play a critical function in running the web website online swimmingly and firmly.

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