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Alan Schaaf founded Imgur in the year 2009. This is the easiest way for users to find GIFs, memes, science facts, etc. People from all across the world back the Imgur online community; they can share something on the internet and be the talk of the town after that. has now become one of the favorite services digitally for sharing comedy, quirky images in different formats such as GIF files, and many more. The users of the site can use the tools to create new images and then can also share on the internet. You can also submit any of your questions or requests online through the web page

One of the highlights is playing April fool pranks and creating features starting with Certification. This will enable users to add cats to the uploaded images to the Imgur site. The features of Imgur are not only limited to desktop, and you can also download via Android and iPhone apps.

The company became started in Athens, Ohio, after which moved to San Francisco in 2011. GIF maker, MemeGen, Imgur Spiral Watch Face are among the maximum renowned month-to-month apps download. Various technology services and products are used like WordPress, Google Tag Manager Etc.

The business enterprise has $5M of predicted annual sales. Talking competitors, the toughest ones are Photobucket, Giphy, and Flickr.

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