Know More about One Codex- platform for applied microbial genomics


Nick Greenfield started in 2014. The data platform offers algorithms and databases of bacteria, viruses, fungi genomes

It’s head office is in San Francisco, US. Various interested investors are investing in the firm, namely, Healthy Ventures, Eric Kwan, etc. Its customers’ portfolio includes

  • Biotechnology companies
  • Academic Labs
  • Clinical laboratories and many more is easy – to- use the online platform and also acts as a curated reference. At present, the mainly used tool is BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) for genome search. The device compares the prime biological collection facts.

The users can check all the vital details, including pricing plans on the web page You can create a free account on the website and then can upload the first sample. Whether you have one example or millions, you can analyze them, manage your databases, and even share the results. Apart from sharing, the platform can also help in developing reports. A consistent image of every sample can be checked.

The products offered by the platform are:

Shotgun Sequencing- access the cost-effective sequencing on the platform

Rapid viral metagenomics– you can make your analysis a simpler one with viral metagenomics workflow on the portal

ATCC Microbiome Standards– you can access a standardized scorecard

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