Know More about Tule – Resolving the problem of water and increase production in agriculture


Tule Technologies Inc got started in 2013, and the aim was to reduce the water consumption on agriculture land and the other hand, increase production too. Jeff LaBarge began to the Company, and Tom Shapland and the place of work is located in Oakland, California.

With the help of advanced technologies, Tule technologies try to remove guess work out from the agriculture work and make precise measurements about the water used for crop irrigation. This system is maintained under 24 hours of remote monitoring.

The users can check in-depth information on You can contact the team members by email at You can also call them at (530) 574-0479. Tule is a profitable company, so one can help farmers to maximize manufacturing and higher correctly manipulate natural assets.

The Company’s primary specialties are farming, irrigation, agriculture, machine learning, and evapotranspiration. The Company provides real-time data about flooding. One Tule sensor measures evapotranspiration over a 1 to 10 acres area. Tule sensors remotely record the data and send all reports back to the Tule dashboard. Such data and weekly reports permit future forecasts of the atmospheric demand that helps plan irrigation schedules.

To summarized, Tule provides the following features.

  • 24/7 evapotranspiration monitoring
  • field-level water stress tracking
  • compare performance across the field

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