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Orphidia is a developing rapid blood investigative portal to run lab checks on a moveable device simultaneously. The company’s workplace is located in San Francisco and London. Aron Rachamim founded the company in 2014.

Orphidia is the first sequential generation of medical technology by remodeling medical testing procedures and the healthcare industries. It has four significant investors. Yousif Al-Dujaili and Jay Zaveri are the most recent investors.

With more and more advanced technologies, the company can provide a platform for on-demand lab tests. Through a handy blood diagnostic platform, Orphidia can provide lab types test results for more than 40 different types of blood tests are within 20 minutes, which generally takes more than four hours.

Patent technology used by Orphidia enables faster, easy to test, more comfortable to find and treat diseases much earlier than before within significantly lower costs. In case of any doubt, the users can visit the company’s website at and send any queries to

The company is backed by more than 20 employee strength. Faster results not only help many healthcare companies, but it also expands access to testing globally and enabling the practice of medicine to become more actually, information-based.

Orphidia aimed for a ground-breaking experience for low-priced and minimally-invasive blood tests. These tests can be at any place and at any time.

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