Know More about Sochat – venture-backed messaging software


Lukens Orthwein started the company in 2014. Sochat is a new messaging and video walkie talkie app and connection platform. It is a U.S. company based in San Francisco and is backed by more than 50 employee strengths

It provides a unique podium allowing the users to publish groups with the help of a single PIN to quickly gather up. The groups used to share GIFs, photos, videos, disappearing messages, and drawings between its users.

Sochat also permits its users to send songs and YouTube, videos play rock paper scissors game, and poll friends and teams. More details are available on the company’s website For any inquiries, consumers can contact them on email at

Sochat Software faces stiff competition from Jott, Copytalk, and Mosio. The leading investors of this company include Eniac Ventures, NEA, and Greylock Partners. The main aim of the portal is to build the future of mobile communication by using a fresh approach and ample experience from the world’s top messaging app.

The leading company philosophy is that communications have to be human, private, fun, and flawless. As a result, the company truly cares about the product built and used every day with virtually everyone.

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