Apple, Google, Amazon Are Coming Together To Make Your Home Smart


Many times different users use different smart applications from various IT giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon to make their daily activities easier.

The lack of compatibilities between different products like smart speakers, Homepods, and Nest devices make huge hindrances to set up a smart home.

With technological advancement, no user needs to stick to smart devices from one particular company.

These companies have come up with better solutions called connected home over internet protocol, which is governed by the ZigBee Alliance.

ZigBee uses advanced communication protocols to create personal region networks with small, and low-power digital radios, including

  • for home automation,
  • medical device facts collection, and
  • different low-power needs, designed for small scale tasks that want Wi-Fi connection.

The organization will provide cognizance first on the physical protection of smart home gadgets. This includes smoke alarms and CO sensors, intelligent doors and locks, safety systems, electrical plugs, window shades, and HVAC controls earlier than expanding into other kinds of gadgets and business solutions.

With the assist of seamless connectivity, the customer will always be able to advantage as the development of products will become streamlined and more compatibles.

Not only will this, the cost of creating such smart gadgets and technologies are also likely to decrease shortly. As expected the projects will make it easier for those companies who are into the smart home products to create devices that work smoothly with

Amazon’s Alexa,

Apple’s Siri,

Google’s Assistant and others.

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