Samsung Electronics Board Chairman Jailed On Union-Busting Charge


Lee Sang-hoon ( Samsung Electronics board chairman ) is sentenced to 18 months in- prison by a South Korean court on December 17, 2019. There are 25 more defendants convicted for violating the labor union-related laws. In 2013, some of the union activities took place at Samsung Electronics Service, and it was claimed that Samsung Group executed some actions in hindering the union’s operation. These activities are genuinely in violation of the labor law of South Korea.

It is blamed for several tactics that have been used to target labor union activities. These activities at the unit were undermined by the officers when Lee was serving as a chief financial officer.

  • This includes even closing the sub-contracted firms with active unions
  • Checking out some confidential information about the union members to persuade them to leave the union.
  • Charged in delaying the negotiations between labour unions and management.
  • Threatening to cut the wages of employees linked to the unions.

The chairman claimed that a lot of information was not in his knowledge, but this cannot be the excuse to prove his innocence — many labor activists were pressurizing for substantial punishment of Samsung personnel involved in the case.

Lenient sentences were given formerly to the convicts. But this verdict shows that changes have been genuinely made in the judicial system of the South Korean court.

Jay Y. Lee is now the new chairperson of Samsung. He has now added responsibility of building the industrial relations as per the global standards.

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