Why 2020 may not be a ‘Happy New Year’ for Xiaomi?


Xiaomi is in the No. 1 position in the Indian market, and the Chinese smartphone marker believes that they will also keep their place in the next year as well. But the market experts see different smartphones maker in the No. 1 position in the coming year that is 2020. According to the international data corporation (IDC) report of 2019, the end of the first quarter Xiaomi had a market share of 30.6%, and after that, its market share had reduced to 27.1 % in the 3rd quarter. As in the 3rd quarter, Xiaomi faced the decline of its market share, and the competition with other rival companies has also enhanced.

Smartphone companies like Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus have now also become the choice of most of the people. And because of rising in competition and the fall of the market share of Xiaomi in the current year has reflected the different picture of 2020. If I talk about other smartphone brands that are rising, then the first one is Realme, in the first quarter, it has 6% of market share, and after the 3rd quarter, it has 14.3% of market share. So you can see that over a quarter, the other brand is also giving fierce competition to India’s No.1 smartphone brand “ Xiaomi.” Thus, according to the report and market expert, we concluded that 2020 might not be a ‘ Happy New Year’ for Xiaomi.

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