Google settles longstanding tax dispute with Australia


According to the latest news, Alphabet Inc’s Google has established an enduring tax dispute with Australia. It was done after paying an extra $326.75 million on the pinnacle of its other tax bill. This is a longstanding dispute over tax practices among 2008 and 2018

A statement was issued using the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and with the help of Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law (MAAL). It stated that the recent tax disputes with different tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are now settled.

According to the Australian Treasurer, the introduction of MAAL ensuring large companies and multinationals firm must pay the right amount of tax. This can be used to deliver essential services to Australians.

These big technology giants faced criticisms from all around the globe for reducing the tax bills. This was done by sampling booking profits in poor tax countries regardless of the location of the end-users.

As per ATO study, Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, and Apple generally paid a 30% tax rate on more than $666 million in taxable income in the 2017-18 financial year. It was estimated that these firms earned $12.5 billion from consumers in Australia last year.

Not only this tech giant Google only paid 19% of tax after claiming deductions.

Google Australia simplified some of its practices in 2016. They entered into contracts for services directly with Australian providers instead of managing them through their parent company, where they pay most of their corporate tax.

As in keeping with the Google statement, the agreement will also provide the truth about future tax treatment.

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