Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer


One of the popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan is Jaisalmer– also known as ‘Golden City.’ Its yellow stone architecture distinguishes the city. Lets’ explore some of its must-visit places:

Jaisalmer Fort– is amongst the most prominent forts in the world. Not only it’s a fort, but a town with houses, temples, shops, etc. is the ‘living fort’ of India. There are shops, hotels and people live on the premises

Gadisar Lake– near to the fort, you can enjoy this beautiful lake by boating or just a walk around. If you are visiting in winters, then you can have a chance to see the exotic migratory birds around the lake from the nearby Bharatpur bird sanctuary

Kuldhara Village– said to be a haunted village. There are various stories of the paranormal activities around the town, and it is interesting to get the mystery out of it. The area is just calm and silent.

Desert National Park- despite in a sandy desert, the park offers to explore wildlife such as camels, Bengal fox, wolves, desert cat, etc. The best way to experience is to opt for jeep safari

Desert Festival– this is the most awaited festival in Jaisalmer. It is in January or February every year. The event includes Rajasthani folk dance, folk music, camel racing, the Longest Moustache Contest, and competitions, etc

Indo-Pak Border– the Jaisalmer trip is incomplete without visiting the border. It is near the Tanot Mata temple and visits with permission from the Indian Military Forces.

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