Best Selling Baby Diapers in India


There is no doubt that the need for diapers for newborn babies is essential in modern days. There are different types of varieties available in the market. However, the combination of cloth and disposable diapering is best for pockets and easy for newborns too.

Bambo Nature Premature Diapers – is suitable for babies weighing around 1-3kg. These diapers are the best ideal for sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or perfume.

Pampers Premium New Born Care Diaper Pants – are made of soft, stretchable material. These pants are breathable and dampness signs which flip blue as the new child wets the diapers.

Pampers New Baby Diapers – the best in the market, and liked by millions of parents. These diapers are capable of holding wetness up to 12 hours and provide dryness to a newborn. These diapers also have wetness indicators like the above product.

Mamy Poko diapers are also an excellent option available in the market. But this is only available in the pant style. It has a crisscross absorbent sheet that works beautifully and evenly spread the fluid and prevent sagging of the diaper.

Huggies Dry – they also another great item that provides tab-style diapers that the company claims does not cause rashes to the newborn. These diapers are the thickest from all the above products and provide overall protection from wetness throughout the night.

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