A hospitalization insurance policy“Corona Care” launched by PhonePe

PhonePe, a digital payment company owned by Walmart, has come up with something unique in these critical times. It announced a first of its kind of insurance policy for hospitalization due to Corona Virus, named “Corona Care.

For this, PhonePe has collaborated with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, one of the largest and renowned insurance providers in the country. PhonePe’s Insurance policy will charge a premium of INR 156 and provide a cover of INR 50,000. The system is for the people aged under 55 years and will be available at any hospital providing COVID-19 treatment.

Customers are not required to undergo any medical tests to get themselves insured under “Corona Care.” PhonePe users can purchase the policy with a click and at their absolute convenience while being locked down in their homes. The same is available under the “My Money” section in the App. The complete process does not involve a time of more than two minutes. The policy papers will be read available in the App itself.

As of Wednesday evening, the tally of Corona infected people around the globe rose to 8.74 lacs. Moreover, the Virus has caused 43,400 deaths worldwide. In India, the number of infected people is more than 1600, and the death toll is 45. The deadly disease is spreading like fire across the whole world.

Keeping in view the same, and because the majority of the Indians do not have medical insurance covers, the company announced the policy. To safeguard humanity in these adverse times, PhonePe succumbed to their commitment to ensuring affordability.

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