Azim Premji Foundation, Wipro to donate INR 1,125 Crore for COVID-19 crisis

Corona Crisis is a tough time to pass through. Various industrialists and high net worth individuals are taking this as a chance to work for humanity. Recently, Ratan Tata and Tata Group came forward to provide INR 1,500 Crore in these modern times of Corona Pandemic.

Various Bollywood actors and cricketers have given their helping hands and supported to fight against this deadly virus spread. In-country like India, where the population is nearly touching 135 Crores and a big chunk of the population is not able to fulfill basic amenities, any financial assistance from the privileged sector would do wonders.

Today, even the Wipro group took a Forward step and committed to providing INR 1,125 crore in this Corona Virus crisis. Out of this total contribution of INR 1,125 Crores, Azim Premji Foundation has contributed INR 1000 crore. Wipro Ltd donated INR 100 Crores, whereas Wipro Enterprises Ltd has enhanced support of INR 25 Crores.

These financial resources will facilitate dedicated medical service to those battling against the Pandemic. Perhaps, this would benefit the disadvantaged sector on all fronts. They can mitigate the ill effects of this severe virus spread and battle against crisis more effectively.

Even our Prime Minister is requesting to donate and extend any help by contributing to the PM CARES. Also, a minute help can prove magical in these critical times. Above all, it is time to stay united and work for humanity.

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