Best Selling Pollution Masks in India


Air qualities in metro cities are degrading day by day, not the only pollution; various factors make the current environment further bad.

With plenty of branded and unbranded masks available in the market, choosing the right cover from a proper manufacturer is hard these days.

Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti Pollution Mask is available online through Amazon and Flipkart. The mask specially designed by keeping requirements and pollution levels in India. It comes up with advance four-layer filtration along with very comfortable to wear and use. The shielding layer of this mask can blocks dust and another pollutant, and also, the micro-filter out separates PM2.5 best particles. As claimed by the company, these masks are skin-friendly and non-allergic. The life of the costume can last a maximum of 15 hours.

Dettol Anti Pollution Mask N95 Siti Shield is N95 anti-pollution mask. This mask is manufacturing with the three-layer filtration of PM2.5 also was given European certification. It is capable of filtering 99 % of bacteria, as tested by Nelson Laboratories. The mask has a unique valve that ensures seamless outflow of air

3M 9004IN Anti Pollution and dust mask– designed to protect from pollution and dust. This lightweight mask comes with patent 3M’s proprietary technology. The electrostatically charged microfiber ensures the capture of airborne particles. It’s filtering efficiency ranges from 90% and reduces the potential for eyewear fogging.

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