Delhi Government Hospitals shut after three doctors test positive for Corona

The COVID-19 has not spared Doctors in Delhi government hospitals. Surprisingly, three resident doctors have diagnosed with novel coronavirus, who are working as healthcare professionals in government hospitals in the capital city.

  • It suspected that one of the doctor’s wives working in the pediatrics department in Delhi’s government, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Hospital came in contact with the virus through husband only.
  • In the second case, a senior doctor working in the department of preventive oncology in Delhi State Cancer Institute (DSCI) has been tested positive. The doctor came in contact with the corona infection through a patient.

In Delhi, earlier a Mohalla clinic doctor and four other people working in a private set-up tested positive after they encountered an infected woman who returned from Saudi Arabia.

  • The doctor’s wife and daughter suffering from severe breathing problems have also been tested positive for COVID-19.
  • The Health Department is taking all necessary steps to trace over 2,000 people associated with the doctors working in the Mohalla clinics to avoid worse scenarios.

As per the Health Ministry report, the Coronavirus cases in India reached to 1,723 today, a sudden jump of 240 cases in a single day. With the confirmation of three more deaths from novel coronavirus, the death toll also increased to 38.

We all know that India entered into the second week of the nationwide lockdown situation, with more than 1700 positive COVID-19 confirmed cases. To discuss India’s status in the battle against coronavirus infection, PM Narendra Modi will hold video conferencing with all states Chief Ministers tomorrow.

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