Pandemic worsens as number of global confirmed COVID-19 cases exceeds one million

The novel coronavirus infection was unknown to the world until four months ago. The virus had first observed in China in December 2019 and since then continuously spreading across the globe. Presently, COVID-19 has infected more than 205 countries worldwide.

As per current records, more than one million people have been diagnosed positive with the novel coronavirus disease globally. The death toll raised to 51,000, and about 208,000 patients got recovered.

The US is the worst-hit country with the maximum number of cases, which stands at 245,200. Italy is the second-largest affected country with more than 118,200 cases. However, China cases stand at 82,460.

From the past four months, Health officials have been following an awkward line on masks as they could not offer covers to the public.

  • Shortage of masks forced to reserve the covers only for health care workers.
  • Many people wear cloth face mask in public to stay protected from corona infection.

US President Donald Trump has asked the Defense Production Act to rapidly increase the manufacturing of N-95 protective face masks for medical workers.

In America, many lower-income class workers continue to move around for work. While high-class income groups, people are staying home and limit their exposure to the outside world.

Britain proposes an ‘immunity passport’ to speed up people back to work: Britain’s Government is making plans to issue an ‘immunity passport’ to certify those works which have recovered from deadly coronavirus disease. The passport would inspire them to resume a healthy working life.

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