Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s preparation to fight against COVID-19

Out of two patients, one will die, and one will survive as there is only one ventilator over two patients. There are two patients, one is 12 years old, and the second is 74 years old. Both affected by COVID-19 respiratory disease.

Doctors will decide who will get the ventilator machine between these two patients depending upon their age and medical history. It is the heart-breaking decisions that medical staff is taking in Italy. The same situation is in the United States of America. All this heart-breaking and challenging situation has not yet happened in Canada.

In Canada, across the states and provinces, all the hospitals are going to face the same problem very soon. A recent survey from the University of Toronto says Ontario will run out of machine and ventilator to treat sick patients. Big Companies like Dyson are speeding up to produce as many ventilators to reduce the impact of this pandemic as the worst scenario will be running out of ventilators.

Apart from COVID-19 affected people, the government needs to look after the people staying in houses due to lockdown. The government needs to assure no shortage of essential items.

Policymakers are not able to sleep as they are not able to manage the economy during this global pandemic. They are planning for the relief packages and measures to announced to minimize the loss of life, unemployment, inflation, recession, etc. Above that, how everything will be back on track once this is all over.

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