Focus shifts to rapid tests as confirmed cases cross 3,000, death toll at 91 in India

The spread of COVID-19 in India has created panic all over the country. The infection has expanded its footprint in the country as confirmed cases exceeded 3,000. The death toll touched 91 on Saturday.

Novel Coronavirus positive cases in Delhi also rose to a new-single day spike as the state recorded 167 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra remained the profoundly affected state with the total number of 423 positive cases. Tamil Nadu and Kerala have also recorded a maximum number of corona patients, 200 cases until now. More than 1.1 million people around the world infected with the disease.

The impact of coronavirus has been the most in China and Italy. India is also witnessing the same record. At least 12 new deaths recorded in a single-day count since the virus outbreak in the country.

  • Governments are ramping up their efforts against the coronavirus pandemic—new exclusive Isolation constructed and initiated rapid tests in areas noticed as significant hotspots of the infection.
  • The reason behind several new cases of the deadly virus infection in the different States of India linked to – the Tablighi Jamaat’s religious congregation held in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area last month.

On Wednesday, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal assured that the situation is under control, as the community spread of the virus has not taken place in the national capital. The central government on Friday released INR 17,827 to states to meet their disaster mitigation programs. 

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