More than 15,000 deaths from COVID-19: Ontario, Canada

Ontario – The most populated state in Canada where health officials say probably more than 15000 loss of life from COVID-19 in the upcoming months. However, the Canadian government has taken various safety and preventive measure to save more loss of life.

On Friday, the province released its COVID-19 projection regarding the impact caused by it as it prepares for a sudden increase in the number of positive cases COVID-19 that will overwhelm province health and medical facilities.

In the last weeks, all the provinces in Canada have asked to close down all non-essential businesses like parts, public spaces, libraries, schools, theatres, restaurants, etc. to stop the widespread of the respiratory pandemic disease. Even after taking these necessary precautions, there is a spike in several cases reported that had sent alarm to the public health officials.

With Current preventive and safety measures like asking citizens to stay at home and stay safe, limitation on public gathering, etc. medical officials are planning to keep the fatalities toll somewhere around 10000-15000 with the widespread of the pandemic, which officials are commenting could go for two years.

Citizens are wondering and asking officials how long this lockdown situation will last. Till Friday, Ontario has reported more than 3200 positive cases of Coronavirus and about 65 deaths.

The most populated city in Canada, going to undergo the maximum damage by Coronavirus. Ontario is the first province to release projection with anticipated losses. Quebec, another area in Canada, is going to release its model on Tuesday.

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