Novel Corona Virus: Impacting and spreading to every country on the planet

Corona Virus has spread to every continent and almost every country on this planet. People are losing their lives due to this disease. Until now, even after so much advancement of technologies and facilities, the scientist is still not able to find out the vaccine of treating COVID-19.

Due to the widespread COVID-19, no policymakers around the world can sleep during the night. Planning and trying to get rid of this disease as early as they can. Because longer you are fighting with this disease the more, it will affect your country’s growth.

Indeed, India is also like other countries in the world that are going through the same phase. Due to the precaution measure, Prime minister of India Sh. Narender Modi announced 21 days lockdown in the whole country. Still, India is going through the primary phase, where they need to attain the top of the graph as patients are increasing day by day. India is still not in the deceleration phase.

Things to know:

  1. World Bank approves a 1-billion-dollar relief fund to India, to fight against COVID-19.
  • India is seeking a loan for 6 billion dollars from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to fight against deadly respiratory disease.
  • More than 2700 people are COVID-19 positive, and around 70 people lost their lives. Worldwide more than 1 million people are COVID-19 positive, and with more than 50,000 deaths globally.
  • Lockdown in India, hitting the poor class the most.

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