Tables turned, time changed: USAID, asking protective gear back from relief groups

There is a sudden spike in the number of confirmed positive cases in the United States of America. More than 277,000 are coronavirus positive in the United States, and around 7200 people have lost their lives; still, numbers are increasing drastically.

Medical supplies, protective cover, and face mask in the united states all essential items to fight against respiratory pandemic disease are running out of stock.

Now, the US is the new epicenter of this pandemic. President Donald Trump delayed the decision of lockdown that turned the situation to get worst. In this challenging phase, United States relief agencies are asking relief groups to send protective gear and face masks.

At this time, statistics are opaque about how much protective gear, medical supplies, and face mask the refugee groups have to keep for themselves and how much they need to send back. Humanitarian groups working hand-in-hand with these refugee camps have already warned that the outbreak of coronavirus in such crowded conditions will lead to devastating effects on people staying in tents.

United States of America administration officials have already sent a notice regarding the suspension of imports of all protective gear, medicines, and face masks to any other country as at the moment our priority is to fulfill the demand of United States citizens.

On 27th March, USAID has sent an email to all the groups that operate USAID funded camps around the world to submit the details of the medical supplies that could be helpful to the federal government to fight against the pandemic outbreak.

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