Can COVID spread from Human to Animals – Tiger at Bronx Zoo is the Answer

On Sunday, Federal officials said that a tiger reported positive for new COVID-19 at Bronx Zoo. It is troublesome and hard to believe as its first known confirmed positive case of infection in a Tiger around the World.

Nadia, Malayan tiger around four years old at Bronx Zoo, has reported positive for pandemic COVID-19. Nadia, her Sister, 3 African lions, and 2 Amur tigers recently developed a dry cough. All are under observation and hoping for recovery to be earliest.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) national veterinary laboratory set up in Ames has confirmed the positive coronavirus for Nadia. USDA officials said they tested Nadia and the other cats on a precaution basis; however, tests were shocking.

Nadia is the first one that is found COVID-19 positive around the World. USDA further added, they will continue understanding regarding the pandemic and will add a contribution to the World in understanding about COVID-19.

Nadia started showing symptoms for coronavirus since 27 March 2020. And now all the big cats are kept under veterinary’s observation to track recovery. Doctors reported there is an impact on appetite. Apart from that, the cats are doing well.

Veterinarian further commented other species in the zoo are also under observation because different species might react differently for COVID-19. The Bronx zoo officials mentioned that the zoo is closed for the public since 16 March 2020 due to an outbreak of Coronavirus in New York City. However, as per assumptions, one of the workers infected Nadia.

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