Ordinance to cut salaries by 30% for PM, MPs & Ministers approved by Cabinet

On April 6, 2020, the cabinet passed an ordinance to shrink salaries of PM, Ministers, and all other MPs by 30%. The same is approved for one year. Even all the governors, President and Vice-President, have undertaken a reduction by 30% voluntarily. The fund saved from the cut will add to the consolidated fund of India.

Besides, the suspension of MPLAD was also announced. It is suspended for two years i.e., 2020-21 and 2021-22. Amount saved from MPLAD suspension will also add to the consolidated fund of India. Mr. Javadekar said that this would be INR 7,900 crore in totality. He is the union information and broadcasting minister of India.

The country is struggling hard to fight against Corona. Daily, the death toll and COVID positive cases are on the rise. Major states like Maharashtra and National Capital, Delhi, are badly hit from the Virus. The country is facing a 21-day lock-down. Small businesses, daily wage workers are struggling for their bread and butter. Regular income for them is their only livelihood.

Given such a crisis and for public welfare, the ordinance was passed. The entire fund collected in India’s consolidated fund will be utilized to fight against COVID. There is a lack of modern and updated medical facilities in our country. With the optimum use of all the available medical equipment and resources, we aim to fight against this lethal Corona Virus.

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