COVID-19: British PM Boris Johnson moved to Intensive Care Unit as symptoms worsen

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fighting a deadly COVID-19, has been admitted to the ICU of a London hospital with ”persistent symptoms” on Monday evening. He was shifted on the advice of his medical team and receiving excellent care.

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said that the reason behind Prime Minister Borris Johnson’s deteriorating condition was the late supply of oxygen.

  • The health of the PM leaves his country’s leadership in question as the virus spread accelerates. The country reports more than 5,000 deaths, but Mr. Johnson’s severe condition has shocked the nation.
  • Politicians from his party, as well as from the opposition parties, are continuously raising their support and praying for his speedy recovery.
  • According to Downing Street officials, Mr. Johnson’s symptoms were ”mild” and spent a comfortable night before being admitted to St. Thomas Hospital.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remained in charge of the government despite being diagnosed with COVID-19 symptoms on March 26. Since then, he had been quarantined in his Drowning Street residence.

He released a video message thanking the National Health Service (NHS) for taking good care of him and others in this severe scenario. He also expressed his gratitude towards NHS staff members for their continuous hard work and dedication.

US President Donald Trump said – ‘‘Prime Minister Boris Johnson is an excellent friend of mine and a strong leader to our nation”. Prayers are on for his speedy recovery against COVID-19 and to give strength to his family to face this incredibly difficult time.

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