Extension of lockdown: KCR requests PM Modi

Telangana’s Chief Minister KCR requests Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India, for extension of lockdown in the country. K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) said its tough time as the coronavirus cases are increasing drastically. Further, considering India’s health infrastructure and huge population, no other way out rather than an extension of lockdown is available.

KCR said in a press conference that reports of all who gathered in a Markaz event in Nizamuddin, Delhi, last month would be coming on Thursday. He said, “I am in favor of extending the lockdown throughout the country after 15 April. We can focus on recovering the economy later. As in this critical situation with weak health infrastructure, shortage of medical equipment like ventilators, facemasks, sanitizers, and protective covers. There is another option rather than an extension of lockdown. As per his experience and knowledge, the lockdown after 15 April should continue.

He added, 172 people among those who attended the event in Nizamuddin have tested and found coronavirus positive so far. KCR announced an incentive for sanitation workers for their hard work in a difficult time. 7500 incentive for workers in Hyderabad and 5000 for workers in gram panchayats and municipalities. The total number of coronavirus cases crossed 4200 tolls, and the number of deaths is around 110.

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