GST registrations more than 10,000 new during lockdown

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On Sunday, Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) officials reported that during the first tens days of nationwide lockdown, they had processed more than 10,000 cases of new GST registrations.

GSTN further mentioned, during the first ten days of complete lockdown in the country, they have processed somewhere around 20,273 registration-based cases.

Out of these 20,273 cases:

10,077 cases were the application for new GST registrations

1966 instances of suo moto cancellation

3377 examples for changes made in core amendment field

1069 cases were regarding revocation

Three thousand seven hundred eighty-four cases were a request

made for the cancellation of GST registrations.

However, in this widespread pandemic situation, GSTN has processed refund cases for more than 7800 pending cases. Further, GSTN officials mentioned they had ensured GST officers of all the states and UTs to access office during a nationwide lockdown of these 21 days.

GSTN provides Information technology (IT) services to all the states and Union territories for smooth functioning and implementation of GST. GSTN provides services for backend work like processing of new registration, amendment in core fields, and non-core areas. Besides, processing of refund applications, audit, online appeals, and assessment of cases, etc. for all tax officers done. After announcing of lockdown in-country, GSTN – the backbone of GST, ensured all the GST officers have access to work remotely.

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